Security and Rescue

On these courses we'll focus on the safety aspects and learning the rescue technics, preparation of the route, map reading, crevasses rescue, etc..., to enable  participants to reach autonomy.

Introduction to Mountaineering (5 days)
To discover the high mountain and learn the different technics

to progress in snow, rock and glacier during meetings, schools and

mountain climbing.
Meeting : 1st day 8h.30 at Chamonix
Dates : 5 days, from half-June to end September
Level : begginner
Price : 740 euros / person (one guide for 4 to 6 persons)

Ice and Snow (5 days)
We focus during this course the routes across the ridges and others. It's for those who want to acquire a certain degree of autonomy. During this course we will board the differents techniques to progress securely  in snow and a glacier.
Meeting : 1st day 8h.30 at Chamonix
Dates : 26 th. to 29th. of july,16th to 19th of august,
Level : PD to AD
Price : 770 euros / person (one guide for 4 persons)

Granite in Chamonix (5 days)

Rock is the option for theses days, the compact protogine of the Aiguilles of Chamonix has always made the reputation of the "climbing" in Chamonix. But under the impulse of people like Michel Piola who opened many routes in this massif, climbing has taken a turn into a sports and a fun way.
Meeting : 1st day 8h.30 at Chamonix
Dates : 14th. to 18th. of july, 30th. of august to 3rd of september
Level : 5/5+ to 6a/b heading or second
Price : 850 euros / person (one guide for 3 )

Prices are calculated on 4 people groups (3 for Granite in Chamonix), they include : guiding and mountaineering courses, halfboard in mountain huts, lift up and down with the cable cars.