Michel Bordet High Mountain Guide

High mountains, like great deserts, hot or cold, are one of those places where Nature takes back its rights. External nature, that we must now defend and preserve, but also inner nature that governs all of us, even if it is often hiden behind the culture and social contingencies. The law of Universal Gravity, when playing with, on skis in  powder snow, or rockshoe on a sunny slab of granite, becomes the only rule that you have to take into account ...
Discovery of this world has been a revelation to me that quickly turned into a passion, then became a life choice, in Chamonix, through this guide job that I love so much.

The Mont Blanc each summer attracts hundreds of climbers, downhill ski in the Vallée Blanche is something absolutely unique in the Alps, it attracts every year thousands of skiers to Chamonix ... But you may find yourself far from anywhere, in few hours, climbing some North Face or skiing a secret cumb in the Aiguilles Rouges: that's what I like here.
Powder days, a strange vibration fills the valley. It brings the tribe of free riders at the bottom of  Aiguille du Midi and Grands Montets: those days, you must be there. Skiing here is almost a religion: free ride ski, ski touring, ski mountaineering, you can have it in any forms.
 With the equipment development, winter mountaineering has became an important season of practice: ice climbing, snow gullys, north faces, it's in winter, when frost freezes all things, that we can adventure in it...

In summer, my preference goes to the Granite, an exceptional quality rock, which attracts climbers from all around the world. But the most beautiful trips are maybe these fantastic rides, between heaven and earth on the edges leading to the many peaks of the massif.

The Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn, Bernese Oberland, Gran Paradiso, I have been traveling, by foot or ski, in many different alpine massifs for many years with the hope to climb all the 4000 peaks from the Alps. I hope you climb with me the latest...

See you soon!

                                                                                                                      Michel Bordet, High Mountain Guide

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