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Michel Bordet
Guide de Haute Montagne

2720 Route de Coupeau

74310 Les Houches

tel : +33 677 34 54 29


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      Level 1 : ESF technical level: 1 or 2 skiing off-piste beginner, average physical condition or good.
      Level 2 : ESF technical level: 2 or 3 average or good technique "all snow", good physical condition.
      Level 3 : ESF technical level: 3, good technique "all snow", very good physical condition.

      * A file specifying details and progress of each program will be automatically sent at the registration, you can also obtain it on request.

      * For groups formed, we can study with you a formula "on measure" at the right price. Furthermore, a systematic reduction of 5% is given to groups from 5 people on our trips;  dates are then left to your discretion.

      * You are alone (e) or two, you're tempted (e) (s) by a peak or a particular route, you can choose the "commitment to the race." Let us see together the price of racing.

      * Registration for one of our programs will be taken into account at the payment of a 30% deposit of quoted price in more than one month before your arrival.
      The balance will be paid at least 15 days before arrival.

      * The prices include:
      - Organizing and coaching a high mountain guide.
      - The lodging reservations in mountain huts.
      - Half board for the duration of stay.
      - The lifts and movements under the program described in the datasheet.
      - Individual Insurance "search costs"
      * They do not include:
      - Beverage during meals.
      - Renting of personal property
      - Snacks and food race

      * Guiding day and Vallée Blanche prices include only the guide fees.

      * Accommodation is provided in lodgings "comfortable" in hotels or mountain huts.

      (You can also choose another type of accommodation: camping, hotel, accommodation especially ... at your convenience. The price of your stay would be adjusted according to your choice)

      * Supervision of all our programs is provided with experienced high-mountain guides and passionate about their craft.

      * Our professional indemnity insurance covers our liability on the ground and rescue costs possible for ourselves and our clients up to 11,434 Euros in France and. abroad.

      * We offer optional insurance Impact Multisport contract with extended guarantees on request: 5€/day. Details on demand.

      * List of equipment:
      - Touring skis, skins and skis crampons in good condition.
      - One  pair of lightweight crampons, one harness with one screw carabiner 
      - One kit beacon (with fresh batteries)/ shovel / probe per people
      - Ski touring boots comfortable, possibly a pair of sneakers.
      - A pair of warm gloves a pair of light gloves, wollen hat.
      - Warm-up pants and surveste like Gore Tex jackets and fleece under-layer textile "modern".
      - A backpack (40 to 50 l.), thermos flask or a headlamp.
      - A roll of elastic tape ( "Compeed" for sensitive feet).
      - High protection goggles, mask, pocket knife, sunscreen, head covering ...
      - Spare a SMALL / toiletries.